GothicModernisms3Invitation to apply | Associated masterclass opportunity | 28 June|Research Master – students and PhD-researchers

Reception, Nachleben and Transhistorical Art History

The following masterclass is organised by NICA and the OSK together with

with the University of Amsterdam, Coventry University & the Rijksmuseum.

Research Master-students and PhD-researchers are invited to apply for this 3 ECTS masterclass.


From reception studies to transhistorical art history:

method & theory in the study of the Nachleben of art and literature (28 June, 2017)

 This masterclass for PhD researchers and advanced research master-students will explore the methodology of art and cultural historical reception study. The focus will lie in particular upon research that is concerned with the reception of the visual arts, and literature, from before ca. 1800 (medieval and early modern) in the modern period 1850-1950, specifically in private and museum collections, as well as in the arts generally.

In this masterclass we will excavate the methodological challenges and opportunities of reception history in arts and literature. There will be ample room for discussion, as well as presentations, mini-lectures, discussion of sources and group reflection.

Speakers include Elizabeth Emery (Montclair University, New York), keynote; Professor Juliet Simpson (Coventry University/Universiteit van Amsterdam), Professor; Dr. Tessel M. Bauduin (Universiteit van Amsterdam), principal lecturer; and guests from Coventry University, Ateneum Art Museum/Finnish National Gallery, and the Rijksmuseum.

 Admission to this masterclass will include conference attendance on 29 and 30 June at the conference Gothic Modernisms, Rijksmuseum.


 Organisation:        Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA) and the Dutch Graduate Research School for Art History (OSK).

Partners:                University of Amsterdam; Coventry University; Rijksmuseum; NWO.

Conference attendance is included.

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